Current Openings for SPED Teachers in the Hawai‘i Dept. of Education

Administrators in the Hawai‘i Department of Education often reach out to the Special Education Department at UH Mānoa to share employment opportunities.

Please contact the school directly and be mindful that we do not receive updates once the positions are full, so you would need to inquire to determine if the position shown is still available. Use the search bar below to filter and learn more details about various positions.

Check out the May 2023 UHM SPED Newsletter to see the 25+ positions that administrators shared for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year:

Tips & Recommendations for Inquiring or Interviewing for DOE Positions:

  1. Be prepared: Learn about the school you are applying to; every HIDOE school should have their own website. Be prepared to share why you want to work at that school and why you are interested in the available position.
  2. Be professional: All communication (phone, email) should use professional language. Use appropriate letter conventions (e.g., greeting, body, closing). For example, do not address administrators by their first name, especially if you have never met.
  3. Be mindful: Inquire for positions you really want. Do not set up interviews broadly, especially if you don't intend on accepting the position if offered.

Special Education Teaching Positions for SY 2023-2024

To learn more details about these position openings, please use the search bar below to find the positions that may be the best fit for you. Either choose to filter by island, or you can use the keyword search bar to look for positions based on grade level, school name, placement type, etc.

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Makakilo Elem

District: Oahu School: Makakilo Elem Type: Position: Grade Level:Pre-School Specific Grades: Placement Type:Fully Self-Contained, HCAP-Projecting opening Content Area(s): Notes: Sped. Pre-school with an Educational Assistant (HCAP) Position begins:SY 23/24 (This position for HCAP, if my current teacher get picked up) Contact Name: Preferred method to contact: Email: Phone:

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Makakilo Elem.

District: Oahu School: Makakilo Elem. Type: Position: Grade Level:Elementary Specific Grades:Second, Third Placement Type:Inclusion: Co-teaching alongside a general education teacher for each subject, Resource/Pull-Out Content Area(s): Notes:Sped. Teacher will teaching resource classes for reading, math, writing. Support in Gen. Ed. Position begins:SY 23/24 Contact Name:Rae Fabrao Preferred method to contact:Email Phone:808-672-1122

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Kailua Elementary School

District: Oahu School: Kailua Elementary School Type: Position: Grade Level:Elementary Specific Grades:Sixth Placement Type:Inclusion: Co-teaching alongside a general education teacher for each subject Content Area(s): Notes:This position is for school year 2023-24. The projected caseload is 10 students who will be in two general education classrooms. The expectation is this teacher will co-teach with both … Read more

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