Campbell High School

Island: Oahu
Complex Area: Campbell-Kapolei
School: Campbell High School
Title I School?: No
Grade Level: Secondary
Specific Grades: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
Content Area(s): All Subjects (FSC/CBI), 1 FSC/ED and 1 CBI
Type of Placement: Fully Self-Contained, Community-Based Instruction (CBI)
Additional information about placement: 1 CBI Workplace Readiness (Retail) 8 students and 1 FSC/ED with about 5 students using online curriculum
Position begins: Start of SY 2022-2023
Eligeble to inquire: Already Licensed (TATP), Graduating Candidates (current semester)
Other Positions Available: I have 1-PTT (workplace readiness) and EA position or EA sub positions
Contact Name: Donna Deai
Preferred method to contact: Phone
Phone: 808-223-3633
Additional Information: The workplace readiness line will teach students skills they would need in a retail setting (ie. Longs, Safeway, Walgreens are the biggest employers). The students will work on retails skills for the 1st semester then they will actually try to run a store in the 2nd semester. We want our students to be able to interact with their peers. The workplace readiness line will allow the students to be competitively employed as they transition from school to work. The ED/FSC line is a small class which works with our students who have emotional needs. The students work independently on their academics through online coursework. Some of the students are truancy problems and may need a little encouragement to return to school. This class also transitions students from our alternative learning off-campus placement to on-campus. The goal for all students is to work on behaviors to get back into the mainstream. We have successfully mainstreamed students back into the regular education system. Those who have been in the class has been able to graduate and get their diploma.
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